Perfect Gift

Inspired Design & Quality by Dog Parents

If you have pet dog, you're in the right place. Introducing the new chew toy, Monsta Bites.
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Stay Healthy

Dental Care

The corn kernel pattern increase durability and can massage your pets' gums and reduce plaque build-up when they bite Monsta Bites.

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Reduce Anxiety

Monsta Bites is a good companion for your dogs. It provides long-lasting entertainment, fights depression, loneliness, obesity and redirects bad biting behavior.

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Internal Vocalization

Monsta Bites contains squeaker which will squeak when the dogs bites it. It can attract your pets’ concentration, which helps to develop physical alertness.

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Advanced Features

Solution for Every Behaviour

Bad Breath

Teething Puppy

Destructive Chewing

Dental Care

Anxiety & Loneliness

Weight Management

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